1/4″ Wood Edge Banding

Outside the Box offers a complete refacing system by including our top of the line wood edge banding. If you want to totally hide the fact that your cabinets have been refaced, this product is the final piece of the puzzle. Our wood veneer edge band comes in all the same species as our doors and is all finished the exact same way at the exact same time as your doors, so it will always look the same.

Our 1/4″ Wood Edge Banding is a 1-inch wide veneer that is specifically designed to go on the inside edges of all your cabinet faces. This 1-inch wide wood edge banding is designed to cover up the old wood edge inside your cabinet face alongside the ¼ inch MDF facing material that you will have added to your cabinet boxes. This is something that is not offered by any typical reface contractors around the country and is the perfect finish to any custom reface job.

Our 1-inch edge band will come to you pre-finished in a continuous roll to whatever total length you have ordered. It will be ready to unroll, cut to length, and glue on your inside face frame edges with our water based glue. This process will add time to your reface project but will make your kitchen as custom a reface as money can buy. This is a very highly recommended final touch to your refacing project.