How to Buy and Reface Cabinets Yourself

Cabinet refacing has never been easier.

Whether you just need cabinet door replacements or are looking at a full kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, Outside the Box delivers. For the DIY crowd, we have created step by step tutorials on how to reface your cabinets yourself. For Contractors, we have all the supplies available for purchase for your jobs.

Refacing cabinets yourself may feel like a daunting task, but fret not. Follow our Step by Step guide–from inspiration to installation–to professionally install your new cabinet doors and reface your cabinets.

wood cabinet doors with drawer fronts

Questions About Refacing Cabinets Yourself?

Give us a call at 1-844-818-3357 to learn more about Outside the Box, our finished or unfinished cabinet doors, custom cabinet drawers, and our hardware and refacing system. We are happy to help you get started with ordering from us!


Explore Our Cabinet Doors and Refacing Materials

Our Cabinet Doors

View our cabinet door styles, finishes, and our custom glazes. Take notes on what you like!

refacing materials

Refacing Materials

Covering the outside of your cabinet box is the magic behind cabinet refacing.

cabinet knobs and pulls

Cabinet Hardware

The hardware of your cabinets includes handles and how your doors attach to the cabinet box:

We have a design tool to help you out choosing custom stains and tinted lacquers. Choose colors that closest match your current kitchen, then select cabinet colors to see what stain or glaze may look best in your home!


Measure Your Cabinets for Refacing

We have created a How-To video series to show you how you can reface your cabinets using our doors and refacing products. Watch all of the measuring videos before ordering doors and refacing materials. Keep our Cabinet Refacing Vocabulary page handy while following our how-to guides!

Follow Our How-To Guides →

Measure for Refacing

Measure For Cabinet Doors

Learn how to take measurements of your cabinet box so you are able to order the correct door sizes for your DIY kitchen cabinet refacing project.

Measure For Cabinet Refacing

Learn how to measure for our 1/4 inch wood skins that will be applied directly over the cabinet box to seamlessly match the new cabinet doors.

Measure For Trim / Molding

Moldings and trim are great accents that are used to hide imperfections in your kitchen such as walls not being perfectly straight.

Measure For Drawer Boxes

In order to get the most accurate measurements possible for your new drawer boxes, remove your drawers completely during measurement.

Troubleshoot Unique Kitchens

Because every kitchen is unique to the house it was built in, there may be interesting areas that you will have to consider when refacing your kitchen.


Order a Sample Door

Alder Wood Species

Don’t guess! Order a sample door to verify this is the look you are going for.

Before you order your full kitchen, you should make sure the doors your thinking of are what you want. Order a sample door from Outside the Box to receive a custom 12″x12″ door in any of the styles and colors we currently offer.

You won’t get a small piece of wood or corner of a door but a complete door in exactly the style and stain or tinted lacquer you would receive when ordering the full refacing kit. We make these full doors to order because we want you to have the kitchen of your dreams.

See and feel our solid wood doors with custom stains and glazes in person to experience the difference!


Buy Everything Needed for Refacing Cabinets Yourself

Ready To Order? Before you purchase from our store, you should:

Know what cabinet door style and finish you want to order and have ordered a sample door.

Make a decision on what refacing materials and cabinet hardware you will be using.

Take accurate measurements of your current cabinets (as shown in our how-to videos).

Once you can check all these off, you are ready to order from us!


Time for DIY Cabinet Refacing

Phase One Refacing Your Cabinets

We continue our How-To video series by demonstrating how you can reface your cabinets using our doors and refacing products. If you purchased our refacing materials, these following videos are for you. If you are only replacing cabinet doors, you can skip to Phase Two.

Phase Two Hanging Doors and Installing Drawers

The last part of our How-To Cabinet Refacing guides goes over hanging the doors and installing new drawers and drawer fronts.

Take some photos of your refaced cabinets and tag us @diycabinetdoors and hashtag #otbcabinets so we can see!