Shiplap Wall Panels for Accent Walls and Kitchen Islands

Installing a plank wall has never been easier! Our shiplap wall panels are finished with our durable tinted lacquer in any color you wish.

shiplap plank wall background image

Shiplap and plank walls have grown in popularity and are now a staple in the modern home. From bathrooms and accent walls to kitchen island and backsplash, our shiplap is versatile and easy to cut and install with few tools. With careful measuring, you will soon have a shiplap wall of your own.

We are in the process of creating a full tutorial on how to install our shiplap panels. Until then, please give us a call at 1-844-818-3357 if you have any questions regarding our shiplap and installation. Below are some progress pictures for you to get started.

Shiplap before and after

Left: Installed shiplap panels
Right: Painted wall ready for shiplap

Cutting 8″ x 95″ shiplap panels to size

Installing shiplap to top edge of wall. You can start either at the top or bottom, but make sure the first board is level.

Using Outside the Box spacers for perfect shiplap look. If you don’t want a partial board at the top, we recommend working top down.

Installing shiplap wall panels, adhering them with pin nails

Finished shiplap panel installation, ready for touchup

Another angle of the bathroom, ready for touchup

Our shiplap is 1/4″ thick and available in 3 sizes:

  • 4″  x 95″
  • 6″  x 95″
  • 8″  x 95″

We will soon be carrying DIY Easy Peel and Stick Shiplap alongside our current selection that requires a more traditional installation. The traditional method uses pin nails to adhere the shiplap to the walls. This allows for easier and less destructive removal if you decide to remove the shiplap for any reason.  

With our traditional installation shiplap, we provide a small amount of touch up paint with your order in the color of the finish chosen to cover up the exposed pin nail heads. With a bit of wood filler and touch up paint applied, your new shiplap wall will be complete.

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