Peel and Stick Cabinet Veneer

Because we believe in giving our Do-It-Yourself-ers a choice, we offer wood veneers as an alternative to our ¼ inch pre-cut wood skins. This is a more traditional solution for refacing your cabinets. Our peel and stick cabinet veneers are all wood and pre-finished to match the doors that you have ordered. Our wood veneer comes in all of the same species as our doors so it will have the same overall look. This is a very thin wood veneer that will come to you in a 2×8 foot roll.

We offer only a peel and stick veneer that will have a paper backing. You simply peel off the back, and stick it down on your cabinet faces, and trim to size. This is an easy product to use but can be difficult to get it to lay down flat. You can easily end up with air bubbles under the wood veneer that can cause problems later down the road. The other issue with installing peel and stick veneer is that once you stick it down it won’t come back up. So if your grain pattern is not laid down perfectly straight or your piece of veneer is not cut just right, you will have difficulty peeling it back up to reinstall.

Wood veneer is what most refacing companies in the country use. It is the preferred choice because it is a cheaper product and once you are well trained, it can be fast to install. However, if you are looking for the very best and easiest application for your refacing project, this is not our top recommendation. There are certain applications where you will need to use this product, but wherever possible, we recommend our ¼ material.

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