1/4″ Pre-cut Plywood Refacing Material

This is our top of the line recommendation for refacing your cabinets. Our 1/4″ pre-cut wood skin is the same material top refacing contractors use on custom kitchen refacing jobs. It is  MDF core and available in all of the same species, stains, lacquers, and custom colors as our cabinet doors.

We offer a variety of pre-cut widths based on what you need. All of our 1/4″ reface material will come to you wrapped and crated in 8-foot sticks. Once cut and trimmed, it’s easily installed on your cabinet faces with wood glue and pin nails. This is, without a doubt, the quickest, and longest lasting solution for your reface project.

Because it is MDF core material with a very consistent 1/4″ thickness, it will always lay perfectly flat over your old cabinet box. You will never have to worry about bubbling, lifting, snagging, or cracking like when using veneer.

pre-cut plywood stains

We are the only company offering this pre-finished and pre-cut material to the public. We have been using this 1/4″ material on thousands of refacing jobs around the country for over 30 years with amazing results, and want to offer these same results to you. If you want a better, longer lasting reface than your local contractor may offer you, this is the reface solution you are looking for.