Cabinet Refacing Material

We believe that a home owner and Do-It-Yourself-er should have all the same choices as a seasoned contractor when it comes to picking your cabinet refacing material. This is why not only do we offer several different options of moldings to help add to the exact style you are looking for on your cabinets, but we also offer more than one choice of reface material to put over your existing cabinet boxes.

When you are getting ready to take on a project the size of your refacing project, we want to make sure that you have as much information as possible about the products that you will be using. We offer two choices of cabinet refacing material to be placed over your cabinet boxes.

All of our finished skin material and moldings are finished at the same time as your doors in order to assure the very best color match for each job. We do not keep pre-finished material sitting on a shelf. We finish all the product that you order on the same day, at the same time. This assures a very high rate of consistency throughout your project.

At OTB we use the same process on your moldings and skins as we use on your doors: the same amount of primers, colors, and top coats. We also use the same dry and sanding times. You can rest assured that when you get a complete custom reface package from Outside the Box, you are getting the very best cabinet refacing material you can buy.

¼ Inch Pre-cut Plywood

This is our top of the line recommendation for your skin material on your cabinets. This is the same material that all of our top refacing contractors use on a custom kitchen refacing job. It is an MDF core ¼ inch material that comes in all of the same species as our doors. Because it is an MDF core material with a very consistent ¼ inch thickness, and will always lay perfectly flat over your old cabinet box. You will never have to worry about bubbling, lifting, snagging, or cracking like when using veneer. It will be an excellent match to any door you choose in any of the wood species we offer.

We will precut the width to a variety of sizes based on what you need (all sizes available in our shop). All of our ¼ inch reface material will come to you wrapped and crated in 8-foot sticks pre-cut to your specified widths. Once cut and trimmed, it’s easily installed on your cabinet faces with wood glue and pin nails. This is, without a doubt, the quickest, and longest lasting solution for your reface project.

We are the only company that offers this pre finished and pre-cut material to the public. The reason is we have been using this ¼ inch material on thousands of refacing jobs around the country for 30 plus years with nothing but great results, and want to offer these same results to you. If you want a better, longer lasting reface than your local contractor will offer you, this is the reface solution you are looking for.


We believe in giving our Do-It-Yourself-ers a choice, so we offer the wood veneers as an alternative to our ¼ inch pre-cut wood skins. This is the more traditional solution for refacing your cabinets. This is a very thin wood veneer that will come to you in a 2×8 foot roll. Our veneers are all wood and pre-finished to match the doors that you have ordered. Our wood veneer comes in all of the same species as our doors so it will have the same overall look.

We offer only a peel and stick veneer that will have a paper backing. You simply peel off the back, and stick it down on your cabinet faces, and trim to size. This is an easy product to use but can be difficult to get it to lay down flat. You can easily end up with air bubbles under the wood veneer that can cause problems later down the road. The other issue with installing peel and stick veneer is that once you stick it down it won’t come back up. So if your grain pattern is not laid down perfectly straight or your piece of veneer is not cut just right, you will have difficulty peeling it back up to reinstall.

Wood veneer is what most refacing companies in the country use. It is the preferred choice because it is a cheaper product and once you are well trained, it can be fast to install. However, if you are looking for the very best and easiest application for your refacing project, this is not our top recommendation. There are certain applications where you will need to use this product, but wherever possible, we recommend our ¼ material.

¼ Inch Wood Edge Banding

We are very happy to be the only reface system company that offers a complete system by including our top of the line wood edge banding. This product is the final piece of the puzzle if you are doing the very finest reface money can buy.

¼ Inch Wood Edge Banding is a 1-inch wide veneer that is specifically designed to go on the inside edges of all your cabinet faces. This 1-inch wide wood edge banding is designed to cover up the old wood edge inside your cabinet face alongside the ¼ inch MDF facing material that you will have added to your cabinet boxes. This is something that is not offered by any typical reface contractors around the country and is the perfect finish to any custom reface job.

If you want to totally hide the fact that your cabinets have been refaced, this is the way to do it. Our wood veneer edge band comes in all the same species as our doors and is all finished the exact same way at the exact same time as your doors, so it will always look the same.

Our 1-inch edge band will come to you prefinished in a continuous roll to whatever total length you have ordered. It will be ready to unroll, cut to length, and glue on your inside face frame edges with our water based glue. This process will add time to your reface project but will make your kitchen as custom a reface as money can buy. This is a very highly recommended final touch to your refacing project.

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