Customer Testimonials

Read customer testimonials of those who have installed our cabinet doors and cabinet refacing materials themselves. Positive reviews are important for us as a small business. If you love our product, please leave a review on Google to let everyone know!

Dana and Ember

Kitchens can be a challenging DIY project. Outside The Box made replacing cabinet doors a possibility! They offer a sample door which was really helpful, not only to match paint color or resurface cabinets, but also I recommend picking a hinge and asking the tradesmen to prepare the sample door for that hinge (bore hole) then measure your cabinets from that sample- each hinge hole may impact the measured distance of door (although hinges may a little adjustable).

It was a pleasure working with these folks! Answered questions (replaced a door manufactured a little off), allow us to do it in 2 phases – uppers vs lowers. Reviewed my order BEFORE it went to manufacturing and called me!

I am very happy with the cabinet door product (paint grade maple, white lacquer) we chose (I painted my cabinet boxes to match).

I am so glad we used this company.

I appreciate their skill and patience.

Thank you Bob and Charlie for your help!

Dana and Ember

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