How to Measure for your Cabinet Refacing Material

Instructional Video and Written Instructions for your DIY Cabinet Project

1. Measure the Under Cabinet Skin First

Skins are the ¼ inch plywood that you put on top of your boxes. We recommend to measure the under cabinet first; this is the section below the upper cabinets. There may be a section that divides the under panels so you will need to take separate measurements for each side. Try to be as accurate as possible when making these measurements.

Always measure width first, then height.

2. Work Left to Right, Top to Bottom

After measuring the upper cabinets, move onto the left side of the kitchen. If you have a large panel with a microwave and oven, go ahead and measure all the way to the crown. Repeat these steps for the other side of the cabinet.

If you have a backsplash or countertop you will need to add a quarter inch to make sure your measurements aren’t too small.

3. Find measurements for the Face Frame Material

The first thing you need to do is idenify the different widths for your face frame material. Typically, the widest section is the Toekick. This is usually the area that sits behind your face that comes up to the bottom of the cabinet from the floor. The best way to double check to see if the toekick is the widest area is to open all the doors and drawers and visually look at the width of your styles and rails.

It’s a good practice to order at least a ¼ inch wider skin than what it measures. All the material comes in 8-foot length. When you’re making your count. Count them in 8-foot sections. After locating the widest section move your way down to the rest of the cabinets so your recording from widest to narrowest.

4. How Many Sticks of Each Width Do I Need?

Go back to your recorded widths and look before measuring. Keep in mind everything comes in eight-foot sticks so that’s what you need to calculate. It’s good practice to add two extra sticks just to the count for any cutoff waste.

Remember the Carpenter’s Rule: “Measure twice, cut once.” Start by counting your verticals first then move onto your horizontals.

Order sticks in even numbers so they stack evenly without shipping damage.

5. Double-check your Measurements

Double-check your measurements by repeating steps 1 through 4. Remember to always measure width first then height. If you’re not comfortable with your measurements go through them again. It’s better to have extra material than not enough.

Tools Needed

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure

We recommend a second person to help transcribe measurements while you measure for your 1/4 Inch Skins.

Cabinet Refacing Vocabulary

Contact one of our Expert Cabinet Technicians over the phone if you need help getting proper measurements. Please give us a call at 1-844-818-3357 to get started with your DIY Project.