How to Troubleshoot Interesting Areas of Kitchen

Instructional Video and Written Instructions for your DIY Cabinet Project

Troubleshooting interesting areas of the kitchen will be different than other parts of our how-to guides. In this guide, we will be giving some pointers on what you may expect and how to note and deal with them for hinge prep. Because every kitchen is different, we can’t account for all possibilities.

Possible Common Interesting Areas We Will Be Covering

  • Doors are the same height, but different sized openings and rail sizes.
  • Cabinet Pullouts

Always measure width first, then height.

Denoting Interesting Areas

When determining interesting areas of the kitchen, it will be important to have a mockup drawing of the cabinet box showing the interesting area. You should add an asterisk where the interesting area is and denote what the asterisk represents below (e.g., same door height but different opening height).

Same Door Height but Different Opening Height

If the door height is the same but the opening height is a different size, the important thing to denote is the hinge placement. Making sure that the soft close hinges are able to be installed into the opening of the cabinet based on where they’re attached to the door is important.

The easiest way to find this out is to figure out the differences in the height of the cabinets. Measure the height of the smaller opening. Our standard hinge boor comes at 3 3/8 inches. If you smaller opening is within 2 inches from the larger opening, you will not need to do a special hinge placement on the door.

Cabinet Pullouts Bottom Hinge Prep (BHP)

The first thing is to make sure you have your measurements. From there, you will have to make sure to give yourself plenty of room for hinge prep. Give yourself at least an extra inch of space from the nearest pullout. All hinge preps heights are the “center” of the hinge so it will extend up and down by about 1 1/4 inch each way.

Measure from the bottom of the cabinet opening to the top of the lowest pullout. Add 1 inch to that measurement, then round up to the nearest inch (5 1/4 inches should be rounded up to 6).

Write this measurement down on your notes (BHP @ 6″) or however would be easiest for you to remember what this means.

Tools Needed

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure

We also recommend a second person to help you transcribe measurements.

Cabinet Refacing Vocabulary

Contact one of our Expert Cabinet Technicians over the phone if you need help troubleshooting interesting areas of your kitchen. Please give us a call at 1-844-818-3357 to get started with your DIY Project.