Tools Needed

  • Tape Measure
  • Power Drill
  • Screws
  • 1/2″ Screws for the Drawer Box
  • Washers for fine adjustments

We also recommend a second person to help you if necessary.

How to Install Under-Mount Drawer Glides

Instructional Video and Written Instructions for your DIY Cabinet Project

Install the Glides

Place the front screw on the rail so that the rail sits on the edge of the 1/4″ we have installed. Get right in the middle of the screw hole, and feather in the screw.

Bring the glide out and use a level to get it straight. Bring a screw to the back, make sure to level it out, and feather the screw in. Make sure to put an extra screw in the back to guarantee it is secure.

Attach Clips to the Drawer Box

With these under-mount glides, the drawer box will snap in with clips that go on the bottom of the box. Take the clips and put them all the way snug into the front corners of the drawer box along the gray edge. Feather in 1/2″ screws to secure the clips to the drawer box.

Make sure that the clips are both flat on the corner and flat along the drawer box, otherwise they will not clip in correctly. Feather in the outer screw first, then the inner screw, and do your best to screw them in as flat as possible.

Always measure width first, then height.

Install the Drawer Box

Slide the glides out completely and set the drawer box on top, clips end facing towards you. There are notches cut out on the drawers so it will easily fit. Hold down the back corner of the drawer box, grab the white plastic piece on the glide, and pull it towards you, clipping it in.

If you need to remove the drawers for any reason, squeeze down on the orange clips and pull the drawer box.

Lastly, check and make sure your drawers went in square. If there are adjustments that need to be made, remove the drawer box and adjust accordingly in the back.