How to Hang Cabinet Doors

Instructional Video and Written Instructions for your DIY Cabinet Project

Always measure width first, then height.

Identify Door Locations

The first thing you will want to do is figure out where each door will go. The easiest way to figure this out is to first identify the different heights and sort into categories, the measure widths from there.

For both your uppers and lowers, we recommend you start by hanging one custom door to make sure everything is fitting correctly.

Preparing Your Cabinet Door for Hanging

If you ordered hinges from us, you will receive Blue Motion concealed soft-close hinges which clip in for easy installation. Lay the door you’re going to hang down with the hinge prep facing up and towards you. With the arm up, press the hinge all the way in, then snap it down.

There will be a small half circle in the base plate that lines up to a bar in the hinge. You put it in that bar and then clip it in. You will be able to easily tell if you don’t have the base plate clipped in properly, as it will just fall right off.

Hang Your Doors

It’s time to grab that second person to help you hang the door! Have your second hold the door up, making sure the top or bottom lines up properly to where you want the door to rest.

There are little notches on the front of the base plate that catch on to the face frame of the cabinet. Use your power drill and use one screw per hinge to secure the hinge to the cabinet box wall.

From here, measure the space between the top rail and the top of the hinge plate in order to create a block to use to hang the rest of the doors. Take these blocks you’ve created and press them flush against the top of the rail. Place a hinge plate against the block and screw it in with one screw.

Once all the top base plates have been screwed in, pop in the hinges on all the doors and bottom base plates. Snap the top hinge of the door to the base plate attached to the cabinet box wall, and then screw in the lower base plate with one screw.

Once all doors are hung, we go to the adjustment phase, where we make sure the doors are sitting correctly.

Tools Needed

  • Cabinet doors
  • Hinges (both main hinge and base plates)
  • Screws
  • Power Drill (Do not use an impact drill)

We also recommend a second person to help you hang the doors.

Cabinet Refacing Vocabulary

Contact one of our Expert Cabinet Technicians over the phone if you have any issues refacing your cabinets. Please give us a call at 1-844-818-3357 to get help with your DIY Project.