How to Reface Your Cabinets using Outside The Box’s Cabinet Doors and Refacing System

Let our experts Rob and Bob take you through all the steps for DIY kitchen cabinet refacing. We start with taking measurements and ordering doors
through our Outside the Box site, then demoing and refacing the kitchen cabinets.
Learn about our tricks and tools of the trade here!

Part 1: Before You Order Your Cabinet Doors and Refacing System from Outside The Box

01: How to Measure Your Cabinet Box

Learn how to take measurements of your cabinet box so you are able to order the correct door sizes for your DIY kitchen cabinet refacing project. In this video, we will create a drawing of the cabinets that will be refaced and measure each opening (width x height) to get dimensions. From there, we calculate the door overhang.

learn how to take measurements of your cabinet box

02: How to Measure for 1/4 Inch Skins

You have to do more than just replace your cabinet doors. The wood and stain most likely will not match your original cabinet box. In this How-To video, we show you how to measure for our 1/4 inch wood skins that will go over the cabinet box directly.

learn to measure your cabinet box for wood skins or veneers

03: How to Measure for Molding and Trim

Moldings and trim are great accents that are also used to hide imperfections such as walls not being perfectly straight. Learn how to measure your cabinets in order to know how many sticks of molding and trim you will need to order.

learn to measure for your crown molding, base molding,and other moldings needed for your kitchen cabinets

04: How to Measure for Your Drawer Boxes

For replacing your drawer boxes, follow this How-To video in order to get accurate measurements. In order to get the most accurate measurements possible for your new drawer boxes, remove your drawers completely during the measuring process.

Learn to measure your drawer boxes using measuring tape

05: How to Troubleshoot Interesting Areas of Your Kitchen

No two kitchens are alike. Because every kitchen is unique to the house it was built in, there may be interesting areas that you will have to consider when refacing your kitchen. Learn about some of these possibilities here.

take into account the unique features of your kitchen while measuring

Once you’ve taken all measurements, it’s time to buy your cabinet doors, drawers, and refacing materials!

Part 2: Learn How to Reface Your Cabinets Using our Trusted Methods

06: How to Demo and Setup For Refacing

And now for the fun part: demo! Learn how to take apart your cabinets to reveal the bare cabinet box. From there, we will show you how to prep your cabinet box for the refacing process.

learn how to demo your kitchen cabinets and prep them for refacing

07: How to Skin Your Cabinets

Before we can put on the doors, we will have to make sure the cabinet box is finished properly. In this How-To video, learn how to prep and apply our 1/4 inch wood skins on your cabinet box.

Learn to install your 1/4 inch wood skins to your cabinet box

08: How to Install End Panels and Molding

In this video, we finish up the cabinet skinning by installing the End Panels and then move on to molding. We cover crown molding, toe kick, scribe, and corner cap molding.

learn to install your end panel and molding

09: How to Install Edgebanding

This is how you can keep your cabinet refacing a secret. Installing edgeband hides the original cabinet box, giving the illusion of a total cabinet remodel instead of just cabinet refacing.

how to install edgebanding

10: How to Do Touchups

In this How-To video, we show you how to do touchups on you cabinet box. Being as precise as you can in previous steps will reduce the amount of touch-up necessary. However, no matter what there will be some touch up left to do.

learn to do the final touchups

11: Summary Up To This Point

We go over a quick summary of what we’ve done so far from measuring to cabinet refacing. Follow our trusted steps for a great result in your DIY cabinet refacing job. Once all previous steps are completed fully, you can move on to Part 3.

rob and bob talking about everything they've done up to this point

Part 3: Hang Your Cabinet Doors and Install Drawer Fronts

12: How to Hang Cabinet Doors

Now that the 1/4 inch wood skin and molding has been installed, it is time to hang doors. In this How-To video, we cover how to install the hinges and hang the doors on the cabinet box.

how to hang your cabinet doors

13: Adjusting Your Cabinet Doors to Hang Correctly

Now that the doors are hung, it is time to adjust them. Learn how to correctly adjust your doors so they sit correctly against your cabinet box with easy adjustment of the hinges.

common tools

14: How to Install Under-Mount Drawer Glides

Easy to install and clip-in, these Blue Motion under-mount drawer glides give you access to the full depth of the drawer! Learn how to install them and get better use out of your cabinet drawers.

install blue motion under-mount glides

15: How to Install Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Learn to install the fronts to your cabinet drawers. This is the final step!

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us using our contact form or call us at 1-844-818-3357.