Caring For Your New Cabinets

Congratulations on refacing your cabinets! You’ve put in the hard work necessary to get the cabinets of your dreams. Rest assured that caring for your new cabinets is easy. To keep them looking their best for years to come, please follow our simple recommended maintenance.

Use a dry soft cotton cloth to dust your cabinets and a damp soft cloth in mild soap and water to clean grease. Always dry your cabinets thoroughly after cleaning.

While we have already allowed curing in our facility during the door finishing process, please allow 48 hours for your cabinet doors to cure once they are hung in your home. During this time please do not wipe or dust the finish. After the 48 hours of additional cure time, you may care for them as suggested above.


Things To Avoid For Longer Lasting Cabinets

Additionally, please take care to make sure you do not do any of the following:

  • Never use abrasive items of any type on your new finish: no scrubbing sponges or paper towels. Use a soft cloth only.
  • Do not use harsh chemical cleaners. Mild soap is all that is necessary to remove grease.
  • Avoid extreme heat or steam to come in contact with finish ie: dishwasher, toaster oven, tea kettles, etc.
  • Do not use polishes as they have waxes in them that will over time build up causing the wax to turn yellow and make your finish look dull.

Do You Love Your New Custom Cabinets?