Any kitchen cabinet project is only as good as the finish that has been put on the cabinets. We take great pride in offering only the very finest in custom, proprietary, 100% water based stains and tinted lacquers. Our water based finishing system is second to none. Our water based technology means no off gases or smells of any kind in your home. This is not only good for your home but also good for our employees.

Wood Stains

Our custom stain system has the finest clarity and are specially formulated to penetrate the wood, not sit on top. They will never look painted on and will never hide the beauty of our wood doors. Instead, they are made to extenuate the assets of natural wood. 

Because all of our stains are water based, they leave no smells, fumes, or gases in your home. It will be clear that you have real wood doors in your kitchen and not a cheap imitation.

Our finishes stand the test of time and the test of comparison to any other finish out there. One of the main reasons is that our stains are all hand applied. We wipe off all excess stain by hand and allow the product to dry slowly before starting the next step in our finish process.

This old school way of applying finishes is what keeps our stains from looking painted on. We don’t cover the wood; we amplify its beauty no matter how dark of a stain color you choose.

Select Alder Stains

natural stain select alder


sunny maple without black glaze shaker beaded


Pecan with Black Glaze on Select Alder

(with Black Glaze)

brushed saddle without black


Harvest Without Black on Rustic Alder


Rustic Alder Stains

natural stain rustic alder


Sunny Maple Without Black Glaze Shaker With Beaded Panel DF


pecan stain with black glaze on rustic alder

(with Black Glaze)

brushed saddle without black glaze


Harvest without black glaze


Cherry Stains

Natural Stain Cherry


Brown Sugar without black glaze

Roasted Almond

Harvest Without Black Glaze


burnt cinnamon without black glaze


Merlot without black glaze


el chocolate stain without glaze


Hickory and Sapele Stains

Only Shaker door style available in these species.

Natural Stain Hickory


natural stain sapele shaker cabinet door


Maple Stains

Natural Maple Stain


carbon without black glaze


sunny maple without black glaze winchester raised


Harvest Without Black Glaze


Dark Mahogany with Black Glaze


Cocoa Stain



Coffee Bean

Tinted Lacquers

Our tinted lacquer is a hard surface top coat mixed with pigments in order to give you that perfect painted look with a more durable finish. They are as hard as the lacquer on your table top. It can be cleaned and taken care of as needed without risk of damage long term. Painted finishes are not made for the constant use that is associated with kitchen cabinets. For these reasons, we created our tinted lacquers to use in place of traditional painted finishes.

We took much time into creating an alternative that is a far better choice than painting cabinet doors. We believe you will be able to not only see but also feel the difference in our tinted lacquer top coats as soon as you get your hands on them. All of our finishes are proprietary, which means that you will only find our custom tinted lacquer colors through us.

Maple Tinted Lacquers

Porcelain White Shaker Cabinet Door

Snow Drift

Dark Shadows with Black Glaze


linen lacquer without chocolate glaze


midnight black tinted lacquer


Linen Lacquer Without Pewter Glaze


Travertine Trail Stain Without Chocolate-Skake WIth Beaded Panel

Aged Parchment

wild mushroom stain without pewter glaze cabinet door

Weathered Stone

blue lagoon lacquer without glaze

Moonlight Bay

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