Glazes for Stains and Tinted Lacquers

Cabinet doors define the style and overall look in your kitchen. Before choosing countertops, backsplash, or flooring, you should choose the door style, wood species, and finish of your cabinets as they are the focal point of the kitchen.

Below is a selection of our glazes applied after the wood doors have been finished with a stain or tinted lacquer. If you do not see a combination of stain and glaze you are interested in, contact us or order a sample.

Linen with chocolate glaze closeup

Chocolate Glaze

linen with black glaze closeup

Pewter Glaze

Pecan with black glaze closeup

Black Glaze

Our custom glazes are applied completely by hand. We don’t use a felt pen to run a line around the door; we apply our glazes and wipe dry by hand to give the door a warm and hand-applied feel. Our custom wiped glazes are what a glaze is supposed to look like. Our custom glazes are unique and inconsistent and will give your kitchen a custom look like no other.

We are very proud of every one of our custom finishes. However, our custom glazes are really what totally sets us apart from all others. Our glazes are applied wet over the entire door, left to dry and then wiped back off as a powder. Each and every door is done by hand and is individually inspected to guarantee that custom look that we expect.

After glazing is complete, we then apply a clear top coat to protect its look for many years to come. Like all of our finishes that we offer at Outside the Box, our glazes are 100% water based.

Linen pewter glaze beforeLinen Pewter Glaze After

Linen Tinted Lacquer
No Glaze | Pewter Glaze

Trav Trail Chocolate BeforeTrav Trail Chocolate Glaze After

Travertine Trail Tinted Lacquer
No Glaze | Chocolate Glaze

Wild Mushroom Pewter Glaze BeforeWild Mushroom Pewter Glaze After

Wild Mushroom Tinted Lacquer
No Glaze | Pewter Glaze

Dark Shadows Black Glaze BeforeDark Shadows Black Glaze

Dark Shadows Tinted Lacquer
No Glaze | Black Glaze

sunny maple without black glaze winchester raisedSunny Maple with Black Glaze

Sunny Maple on Maple
No Glaze | Black Glaze

Sunny Maple Without Black Glaze Shaker With Beaded Panel DFSunny Maple with Black Glaze Rustic Alder

Sunny Maple on Rustic Alder
No Glaze | Black Glaze

Brown Sugar without black glazeBrown Sugar with Black Glaze

Brown Sugar on Cherry
No Glaze | Black Glaze

carbon before glazecarbon after glaze

Carbon on Maple
No Glaze | Black Glaze

Our top clear coat is no exception to our rule of only using the very finest products available on our wood products. It is the final part of a very long process that we go through in order to make our doors and wood products.

It is a water based top coat applied in 2 wet coats. It is applied over all of our stained doors and our tinted lacquer doors that have a glaze. We apply our top coat, allow to dry, sand, and re apply. This process assures an exceptionally hard and durable finish and absolutely crystal clear.

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